The Paris Études

The Paris Études (2021)

Oil on canvas | 33 x 41 cm

In summer 2021, I had the pleasure to live and work in Paris for three months. I went to 3-4 museums each week, and I could have gone on like this for at least three more months. Among the works that inspired me the most were many of the impressionist and the ‘classical modernist’ period, which is interesting because I never paid a lot of attention to Monet, Cézanne or Vuillard before.

Maybe it is because in Paris, they just have more (and better!) works from these artists than anywhere else, but what really startled me was that I had the feeling it was not so important what they were painting but how. These days, you read a lot about artists questioning visual habits or even breaking with them. But I do not see anything a radical as what artists tried over a hundred years ago. Maybe we should all talk a little less and experiment a little more.